The Rings That Meghan Markle Wears

Posted on April 13 2018

The Rings That Meghan Markle Wears

Since Meghan has now become one of the most famous people on the planet right now, we couldn't help but notice her love for thin gold rings. We know Meghan is a big fan of simple layered jewellery and often wears on her right hand, one thin gold ring on her index finger, thumb and fourth finger. There is a lot of speculation out there about the meaning behind the statement jewellery.

It is believed that wearing a thin gold ring on the thumb may indicate characteristics including self-motivation, self-control and even aggression or a domineering personality, someone who likes to take charge and a drive for more power!

Wearing a ring on your index finger signifies self-esteem, and self-reflection, so wearing a ring on this finger can help boost your self-esteem, a way to remind yourself to pull your finger out, to get a move on and create your power, according to ancient palmistry.

A ring on your fourth finger is all about love and commitment. This finger has a direct meridian line connection to the heart "the vein of love" and so this is all about keeping close to you what you love and care about. 

As well as the position of the ring, the material it is made of also plays a part. Gold is traditionally associated with Apollo, the Greek and Roman sun god, who was both loyal and protective. We say these qualities are perfect in a partner, this is why a gold ring is the perfect metal for a wedding band or a statement of love and commitment.

Whatever it means to you, we think it look just elegant and if you would like your own set of Meghan Markle thin gold rings check out ours right here.

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