Who is Cloé Hedger?

Posted on April 04 2018

Who is Cloé Hedger?

Cloé Hedger formally Allison Jordan originally started her media career at the tender age of 3 with an early appearance in the 'Nutcracker' ballet and 'Swan Lake' at 8 years old, and attended three of the top theatre schools in the country. She has worked with some of the best in music and television. Performances in the West End with Sylvia Young Theatre school. Appearances in a Max Headroom Pepsi advert, BBC1 Grange Hill, including the 'Just Say No' pop video. Channel 4 'Six of Hearts' Drama/Documentary playing the principle lead. Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz'. Modelling for Ford Motor Co. Acting on 'The Harry Enfield Show'. Mattel Toys chose her as the face of Barbie to celebrate their 50 years of Barbie. Numerous TV appearances around the world from BBC1 Broom Cupboard with Andi Peters to 'Top of the Pops' with Robbie Williams.

Her big break came when music mogul Simon Cowell and two-time Grammy nominee Nigel Wright, picked her from thousands of other singers in one of the very first reality pop competition programmes which was aired to millions of UK viewers on Esther Ranzten’s BBC1 show 'That's Life'. She won by thousands of public phone votes and went on to have a recording contract with BMG ARISTA and have Simon Cowell as her producer along with Nigel Wright producing a hit with her first single ‘The Boy From New York City’.

Cloé's first single with Arista Records in 1992 reached number 21 in the UK Top 40 charts.

Cloé and Esther Rantzen

Cloé and Simon Cowell

Cloé then signed a new recording contract with Italian record company Media Records and worked with Mauro Picotto and Gianfranco Bortolotti 2 of the 10 most important dance producers in Europe.

Cloé was chosen from thousands of other vocalists when she joined 90s famous dance group 'Cappella'. When 'Tell Me The Way' was released it became a big hit, especially in Italy, where it became a top 10 hit. Soon after Cloé recorded her first album ‘War In Heaven.'

After performing hundreds of shows all over Europe and the far east in festivals, clubs and TV shows, MTV and receiving many international music awards and numerous top 10-chart positions around the World, Cloé then decided it was time for a new challenge.

After a brief hiatus, Cloé decided to pursue her long time interest in the paranormal and in 2004 founded a monthly 20 page newspaper entitled ‘The Paranormal News’ featuring Derek Acorah.

Within the space of 12 months, the newspaper was met with such a positive response from the public, she then decided to take on the challenge of taking the newspaper one step further, and subsequently created a monthly 100 page magazine called ‘Paranormal’ as Editor-In-Chief she worked closely with well known celebrities and experts in their field such as Peter Underwood, Glennyce S Eckersley, Jacky Newcomb, Ray Jorden and TV's 'Most Haunted' team Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, David Wells, Ciaran O'Keeffe, Richard Felix until 2007.

The magazine gained international readership spanning from the US to Australia, and was considered to be one of the leading paranormal topic based magazines in the World at the time.

Cloé then took time out to raise a family, when in 2008, inspired by her many visits to France as a singer, Cloé soon fell in love with the romance and chic fashion sense of a bohemian Parisian. Combining her love for fashion and design along with her passion for creativity and her strong desire for uniqueness, Cloé started to train as a jewellery designer. 

In 2017 'Cloé Hedger' the company was formed as Cloé launches her own self titled brand. Cloé's business is currently featured in 'Tatler' Magazine and could prove to be one of her biggest successes. 


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