Today’s reading is from 🧚‍♂️Healing with the fairies 🧚‍♀️ KICK UP YOUR HEELS for some of you, you may need a break! Go dancing and let your hair down. Don’t wait for someone to organise a break or a night out, you take control , you organise it. Your spirit NEEDS to have some fun. Be playful, don’t take it all so SERIOUS. Find ANYTHING TO CELEBRATE it’s ok you are allowed. By allowing yourself time off ‘The Wheel’ and recharge, you allow more greatness into your consciousness, new perspective, new ideas, new energy, you wouldn’t keep taking a bath on the same water, would you? Fresh is good. Dive into some fresh, invigorating, youthful new waters. Dont let your emotions wash over you, rather YOU wash away the old negative, or heavy and tired energies. Imagine taking a rainbow shower, visualise every pore on your body absorbing all the magick of the colours of the rainbow, in the water, feel them enter, then feel ALL the dull, black energies being pulled away from your body and washed away down the shower plug. Now go play, laugh with your friends and find ways to celebrate. 💋🌈🕺blessed Be Cloe 🖤

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