Here is your reading for today. ✨LEAP OF FAITH✨Straight away I am drawn to the web and I want to say "go ahead, its fine, if you think your taking a risk, don't worry, you can't be hurt by this" Some of you will understand this. Next I am drawn to the number 22, 2+2+4, 4 for me is foundations. I feel for some of you, your starting something new, this is something to do with a solid foundation for you, its important to you. I want to say, spread those wings and reach higher, you certainly do have a lot to share in this world. You think your on a thin line that could snap at any moment but actually, you cant fail and you will bounce right back every time. Be proud of yourself for even trying. Your inner light is shinning through and you DO pass that on to others that are around you. You are coming out of the darkness. Just trust, you will succeed.  With healing love, blessed be Cloe x 



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