Here is your reading for today ✨ I felt compelled to pull 2 cards today. Four of wands, 4 this number for me represents, home, solid foundations, strength, vitality, health, success, abundance, celebration, love. I see praise for work well done. your not afraid to put the effort in. You work best in a team. I see you preparing working now in order to be prepared for when you need to show your wares!  The fog is behind you. Your building a solid foundation now, and in your heart this feels right for you. You are ambitious. Look to the summer time for areas connected with work and job satisfaction and career celebration. The 2nd card I am drawn to the numbers again 4+9=13, 1+3=4 again a reinforced message of you now have something solid to work with, its in your hands. You can see so much you can do, you are a visionary, you can see various situations and sometimes you can over think and then it can become more unproductive than productive. Raise your vibration by always looking for the good,  any negativity comes in, ignore it and look elsewhere. Lower vibration blocks your creativity. Again I see abundance and success for you today. Do the things you love and if you can, give someone a hug today. For some of you it looks like your ready for marriage and family. The two cards 4+4=8 . 8 = Success, Balance & Prosperity.  Blessed be and healing love Cloe x

P.s Today is the 8th x 


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