Good morning here is your daily message  Hope & Happinessstraight away I’m drawn to the numbers 48 , 4+8 = 12 , 1+2= 3 , 3 for me meaning , mind, body and spirit, I feel you are now today feeling complete, your mind, body, and spirit all moving together as one, being your true authentic self. All of your hopes and dreams coming true, you are at your happiest when your are in sync with your true self. You are a real dreamer, a visionary and you do work with spirit and the universe. You have come a long way with some quite rough terrain I’m seeing. But now is a time of calmness a quite still where you can be all the colours of who you want to be. You long for your soul mate ‘ your swan’ you feel that everyone else has theirs except you, I see that in the not too distant future that you’ll have more than one choice , I see that you do have others that want you but you don’t want them and that’s fine I sense they are too harsh not right for you. One was a possibility but I also sense no not that one. You need the grace and softness of the swan. Once your swan arrives and you choose the one your mind, body and soul all connect with, you both will then go on your life’s adventure together and it will be filled with a long and colourful life. Don’t listen to others in regards to who they think you should be with, close your soul off to there chatter noise. Go within and be at one with yourself, mind, body and soul. If even one of those is off then walk away. Trust your instincts. Be stubborn about that. Celebrate and enjoy life. Soak up calmness. Your winning now with healing love Cloe 💋 feel free to leave me a comment , I’d love to hear if any of my readings are helping you? X share it also x 

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