Here is your message for todayKEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVEStraight away I’m drawn to the number 25, 2+5=7, 7 being a highly spiritual number, I sense spirit are sending you this message of ‘ we’re here helping you on your spiritual path’. when children play they completely lose themselves, they don’t overthink anything. You must remember the child in you , allow yourself to play. Remember your hopes and dreams dont let life cloud them. Meditate and visualise your self bathed in a purple light. In this time make a wish to the universe, make as many wishes as you require as they hear them all. You are a child of the moon, your a crystal worker, your best strength lays in the crystals. Your spiritual path on this earth does include working with crystals and spirit, you’ll feel growth also prosperity with this work. You are a strong, now lose yourself in your dreams. You now need to start to put a detailed plan in place in order for you to achieve your dreams and goals. You must remain focused on the practical side of things and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, don’t become distracted with too many ideas, keep focused on what is realistic and achievable. Common sense and a pragmatic approach will lead you to a solution that will work. Begin taking steps that will bring you closer to your dreams. with healing love Cloe 🖤💋

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