Set Free The Devil Inside...

The Craft Ashshaph Pendant
Labradorite is set on the sword of the enchanter, Ashshaph, astrologer and magician, and is mounted with a quintessence star for MAGICKAL ABILITY Sterling Silver with added enhancement of gold plating 60 x 23mm Not supplied with a chain
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The Craft Athame Pendant
The witches ceremonial knife - the athame - directs magical energy and is personal to every witch. Magickal inscriptions on the opposing sides of the blade engage unseen helpers. Sterling Silver 40 x 9mm Not supplied with a chain
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The Craft Cassiellum Pendant
A smooth cut Amethyst, gemstone of the heavens, is set in a triangle of elemental fire and inscribed with the medieval Sigil of Cassiel and Angel of Saturn as this planet has strong associations with the colour of the amethyst....
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The Craft Cernunnous Pendant
The Celtic Horned God, protector of animals and the Greenwood, stands wild and proud as the Spirit of Untamed Nature. His image harnesses his benevolent yet unpredictable nature and he stands for STRENGTH AND EMPOWERMENT. Sterling Silver 34 x 27mm...
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The Craft Chatoya Pendant
A genuine Tiger's Eye is set on a mount of symbols and ancient scripts with connections to the powers of Jupiter, calling upon its well known associations for great SUCCESS Sterling Silver with added enhancement of gold plating Tigers Eye 32...
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The Craft Double Pentagram Pendant
Two pentagrams, one upright, one inverted, represent the Duality of Nature, dark and light, ever in flux. Together, the stars create a ten-rayed Sun, its energy triumphant for Powers of the Light. Do not under estimate the potency of this...
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The Craft Draco Pentagram Pendant
Double winged dragons, tails entwined, quicken with Earthfire, energising the pentagram's five elements and circle of infinity, encouraging contact with the Higher Self and for Discovering True Will. Sterling Silver 44 x 34mm Not supplied with a chain
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